Competitiveness of Ukraine in the world economic scene

Vitaliy Ivanovych Ohota


The analysis of Ukraine's international competitiveness in the world economy has been carried out. The purpose of the article is to analyse Ukraine's competitiveness in the world economy. The definition of macroeconomic and institutional factors of improving Ukraine's competitive position is proposed. It is proved that the first condition for achieving a high level of competitiveness of the country is a strong state with formed and developed market andsectoral structure, high business activity of entrepreneurs, skilled professionals and advanced scientific potential. On the basis of  analysis of the competitiveness rankings of the world the features of the Ukrainian economy are defined and its place in the international global environment is determined. In particular, it has been made the analysis of the following ranks: the Global Competitiveness Index, KOF Index of Globalization, Ease of doing business Index, Index of Economic Freedom, Corruption Perceptions Index, CPI, Human Development Index, HDI, Press Freedom Index, PFI. The macroeconomic and institutional factors of Ukraine's competitiveness increase on the world stage are identified. It has been found out that reduction of the competitiveness of Ukraine in the international rankings is connected with the political instability and aggression. Since military confrontation in the Donbas region lead to a steady decline in general economic indicators, destruction of infrastructure, lower production, it has a negative impact on future international competitiveness ranking of Ukraine. Therefore, looking for the ways to improve the country's competitive position in the world economy is one of the most important tasks of the Ukrainian government. So that the national economy could move to a new level of development and international competitiveness it has been proposed to develop the effective system of public administration (concept development strategies, programs, mechanisms, etc.) to achieve the policy of redistribution of resources in favor of innovation by supporting knowledge-intensive industries, demand for intellectual products , the introduction of advanced innovations. It has been proposed the mechanism of increase of competitive advantages of Ukraine, which aims to carry out internal reforms in the country and transformation vectors of foreign policy.


competitiveness; economic development; international markets; international business; globalization; competitiveness ranking

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