Research potential logistics enterprises grain storage

Iryna Oleksandrivna Sedikova, Liudmyla Vladlenivna Vechtomova


In this study demonstrated that modern enterprises operating conditions storage units indicate the need for new theoretical approaches. The critical state of the national economy and individual enterprises, accompanied under-utilization of production capacity, abnormal accumulation of stocks of materials and finished products, naturally leads to the loss of capacity, including logistics. A critical review of the literature showed that the definition of logistics enterprises grain storage capacity devoted little scientific papers, which indicates a lack of doslidzhenist. This is what makes the importance of the subject of this study. In the development of modern ideas about potential can be divided into three areas. A first argue that potential – a collection or necessary for the development of various types of resources. The second group of authors presents potential as a system of material and labor factors of production to achieve the goal. Scientists consider potential third direction as the ability to complex economic system resources to perform its task. The term «logistics potential» used by scientists and practitioners recently. It is associated with the need to determine the ability of the enterprise to effectively use the methods and principles of logistics in their economic activity. It is proved that the formation of the logistics enterprise potential is one of the areas of its economic strategy and provides for the establishment and organization of resources and competencies so that the result of their collaboration was success factor in achieving strategic, tactical, operational goals of the company. Established that according to studies in Western countries about 93% of the time the movement of goods from the primary source extraction or production of raw materials to the final consumer accounts for its passage and storage logistics channels. At the cost of a product that the consumer gets about 70% are costs associated with the implementation of logistics operations. To study the state of implementation and development of logistics management approaches streams for grain storage enterprises were surveyed, which made it possible to conclude that the enterprises grain storage, implementation of logistic approach to management of material, information, and other financial flows, the creation and development of logistics departments contract logistics is at the lower levels. The analysis of logistic capacity Ltd. «Illychevsk grain terminal» conclusions on the feasibility of using logistic capacity for grain storage business. 


potential enterprise logistics capacity; logistics; enterprises grain storage; grain market

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