Unmanned aerial vehicles service market development as a major innovative progress direction of modern aircraft

Olena Abdurakhymivna Tsymbalistova


Introduction. Today, the companies of domestic aviation industry operate in a high level of competition. It makes them to seek ways to develop effectiveness, improvie the quality of services, expande their range, enhance innovation and implementation of its results.

Purpose is to work out the theoretical and methodological positions and practical recommendations of innovative development of the aviation industry by popularizing services of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Method (methodology). In oorder to achieve the goals of the research we have iused general scientific and special methods of structural and logical analysis to structure the paper; dialectical method to detect inconsistencies in the system of UAV design and implementation in the aviation industry and theoretical study ways to overcome them; systematization and generalization method to conclude.

Results. It has been established that the use of UAVs in the airspace of Ukraine is not only possible, but necessary. This fact forms the basis for innovative development of domestic airlines, diversification of the services, introduction of advanced UAV.

It has been determined that being remotely controlled, drones can perform tasks that the controlled systems are not able to solve. They may offer commercial air services in various fields.

It is noted that the use of UAVs in civilian sector nowadays waits for the resolving of some technical and organizational problems.

On the basis of the study of the peculiarities of the introduction of UAVs in the activities of domestic airlines, main directions of the UAV in various sectors of the economy are clarified. The main measures to address the problems of this type of air services, which ultimately provides effective innovative development of the country's airlines are determined.

The research results can be applied in domestic air industry. According to the results of the implementation we can  expect the expansion of the air services due to the introduction of modern innovative technologies. 


airline; drone; services; innovation; properties; field of use

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