Aspects of research logistics costs and their influence on return of airport

Maryna Valeriivna Kharchenko


Introduction. In the current economic conditions functioning domestic airports main task is to search for ways to reduce the level of costs, increase their profitability, profitability and competitiveness. In this regard, the urgency is the issue of research impact of logistics costs on the profitability of the airport.

Purpose. Development of theoretical and methodological positions and practical recommendations on the impact of logistics costs on the financial performance of the airport.

Method (methodology). The study was used: the method of theoretical generalization and comparison to identify prerequisites for the regulation of logistics costs; method of financial and economic analysis to evaluate the dynamics of airport logistics costs; graphical method for visual presentation of research results; induction and deduction to identify problems of air transport; abstraction, formalization, specification for developing methodology of evaluating the effect of changes in the profitability of the airport under the influence of an increase or decrease logistics costs.

Results. It was established that the impact of logistics on the financial performance of the airport can be explored through: absolute indicators to determine the impact of logistics costs on the formation of income and changes in inputs; relative indicators characterizing profitability airport.

Developed "tree" logistics costs, based on which the airport can detect and modify the impacts on the value of logistics costs and determine the level of impact on the value of logistics costs that will optimize costs and resulting increase profitability.

Based on the analysis proved using the method of "tree logistics costs", developed stages of its implementation and performance evaluation of proposed logistics costs by providing identify impacts on their size.

The research results can be applied in domestic and aviahaluzi directly in the running of both regional and international airports. As a result of the obtained results can be expected to reduce costs and increase their airports profitability. 


logistics; logistics costs; analysis; airport; optimization; yield; profit

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