Analysis of integral indicator of life’s level of population

Denys Viktorovych Khapov


Introduction. Nowadays, in conditions of worsening of social and economical problems, level of life of population is the indicator, which reflects qualitative development of a State. Complex assessment of life’s level of population will guarantee objective analysis and forecasting of external and internal factors of influences. Such kind of category will become the main criterion of assessment of realization of programs of development of the process of levelling and growth of life’s level of population of regions of Ukraine.

Purpose. Research of conceptual principles of assessment of quality of life of population with solution of theoretical, methodological and practical tasks is the main purpose of mentioned article. Also our purpose is: to expose the essence of category "quality of life"; to systematize factors of influence; to carry out comparative analysis of existing methodological approaches for construction of integral indicators of quality of life of population.

Method (methodology). For achievement of set purpose, it is useful to use methods of systematization and classification, methodology of statistical analysis and index calculations, expert assessment.

Results. In the result of carried out analysis of methodical approaches of construction of integral indicator of quality of life of population it has been determined that the choice of method depends on presented informational base and the diversity of procedures of standardization and summarizing of database permitted to take into account different aspects of researched reality with the purpose of objective assessment and ranking of regions.

According to the results of assessment of level of quality of life of population of Kherson region it is possible to affirm, that integral indicators of region are situated in the group of middle level of development.

Taking into consideration all the mentioned material, we think that it would be useful to pay attention of organs of State management to the fact, that society can realize categories and indicators of level of quality of life as key factors of competitiveness of a territory. The problem of improvement of quality of life of population has systemic character and needs change of paradigm of strategically planning of development of people’s capital, financial costs and intellectual investments. Realization of such kind of actions will permit to guarantee high quality of life in the regions and in the State in the whole.


quality of life; indicator; economical social, ecological parameter; integral indicator

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