Information support of enterprise strategic management

Zarema Refativna Mandrazhy


Introduction. In the information society as a fundamentally new stage of development of the world community, new possibilities of information technology for effective managementhave appeared. Information system of deployment requires the development of principles and mechanisms of organization and management based on a systematic approach.

The purpose of this article is to construct such a concept of business management that would, on the one hand, describe the operation of enterprises through the strategic management and on the other, show the inner nature of strategic management mechanisms and factors which can ensure the implementation of selected strategies in the unity of strategic, tactical and operational management.

Method (methodology). Methodological and theoretical bases of research are based on the dialectical method of cognition of socio-economic phenomena, integrated approach to the analysis of modern achievements of domestic and foreign scholars in the fields: enterprise management, adaptive planning and management, financial modeling – economic processes and modern information technology systems of decision-making.

Results. In the article the theoretical – methodological approaches to the assessment and analysis of internal and external economic environment of enterprises are suggested. The use of this system of indicators determines the impact of an integrated combination of factors in different areas of enterprise information and forms the basis for developing effective management decisions. For the implementation of comprehensive analysis the activities of the company are divided into business processes that can be determined as a combination of different actions (steps, stages, functions) that are carried out in a certain manner and their aim is to achieve the ultimate goal of the company. These processes include the activities of all stakeholders and the interaction between them (employees, management, customers, contractors). Thus, the effectiveness of the activities of any company can be presented in different interrelated indicators of external and internal environments in terms of indicators of business processes. The success and realization of the business will depend on the quality of the collection and processing of these indicators. 


business processes; analysis; external and internal environment; strategy; information systems

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