Integration processes with the consideration of peculiarities of logistic chain

Svitlana Myroslavivna Skochylias


Introduction. Today, when at the markets enterprises are no longer competing because the logistic chains do, the object of  management are not becoming the separate functions of logistics and production management but logistic chain (value chain) in general. To optimize basic logistics processes of the company methods of the integrated logistics management are being implemented. This interaction between a shipper and consignees, logistics operators, enterprises-consumers of services is considered in the context of creation of general resources of logistics and require a deep and comprehensive research of their efficient and effective use.

Purpose of the study is the systematization and conceptual approaches to the definition of integration, synthesis of which will form the proper theoretical and methodological basis of integration management entities with the consideration of strategies of integrated logistics management.

Results. On the basis of scientific papers we have singled out the essential characteristics of the integration process and formulated certain stages in a logical sequence with the development of logistics synergistic effect. The most valuable elements of integration of management entities from the point of view of the characteristics of the logistics chain are frounded. Conceptual bases of logistics integration strategy are considered on the basis of the integrated logistics management. Prospects for further research of the integration process taking into account the logistic chain argument is the reasoning of the necessity of integrationof management as a holistic socio-economic system,creation of integrated with the manufacturer of finished goods of distribution channels and networks that will minimize logistic costs while ensuring the required quality of service in logistics distribution. The development of schemes of interaction of participants of the logistic system that will improve the system of situational management of integration development process requires further studies.


integration; integration process; logistic chain; synergistic effect; sourcing; supply chain; integrated logistic system

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