Statistical analysis of catering and trade franchising in Ukraine

Yanina Viktorivna Lisun


Introduction. Franchising as a form of entrepreneurship and as a business tool has became popular in the world. Franchising provides for the right to work under the famous brand, which has gained the trust of the public and entrenched in the mind, creating opportunities for the acquisition of stable positive reputation in the market. Market franchising in Ukraine continues to grow rapidly. Meanwhile, activity in the market of franchising in Ukraine is constrained by imperfection of the legal framework, the lack of experience within franchising, violation of of contractual obligations and alien intellectual property, insufficient level of bank lending. The issues of statistical analysis of franchising activity on the basis of indicators of official statistical reporting, which will qualitatively and quantitatively assess the level of market development of franchising in Ukraine, require further study.

Purpose of the research is to determine and generalize the main trends of franchising in the catering and trade with the use of marketing tools.

Method (methodology). The totality of scientific methods has become the methodological basis of research. They are the systemic, dialectical and comparative analysis methods. Their use has ensured the comprehensiveness of study of franchising in Ukraine. In the course of investigation of conceptual apparatus and determination of the franchising structure of catering and trade  such following scientific methods have been applied as the method of  analysis, synthesis, scientific generalization, comparison, grouping, economic and statistical analysis.

Results. The essence and elements of franchising are concidered in the article. The basic trends of franchising in Ukraine, which correlate with general trends of economic activity types that have been chosen for the study, are investigated. It has been monitored the market of franchises in the catering trade and light industry in Ukraine. Results of market segmentation of franchises according to such indicators as  investment, franchise value, payback period, the number of personnel and technological requirements for doing business are analysed. The basic tendencies and prospects of further development of franchising in Ukraine are revealed. 


entrepreneurship; small business; competition; cooperation; franchising; marketing; project; investment; payback period

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