Non-tariff barriers of international economic integration

Iryna Valeriyivna Prykhodko


Introduction.The theoretical aspects of tariff and non-tariff barriers are investigated in the works of such scientists as A. Hrebelnyk, D. Lukyanenko and N. Naumenko, V. Golubev, N. Gorin, Ruth F., R. Baldwin, A. Deardorf and others.

Using of non-tariff measures in the international economic integration process is fairly commonplace, because they appear to be the most effective tools to deny the access to markets due to the government subsidies, quantitative restrictions, licensing, quotas, administrative procedures, sanitary and technical standards and etc.

The attitude towards the non-tariff instruments is rather contradictory: from one point of view,the World Trade Organizationtries minimizes their usage, and from another point of view,each country tries toapply them to protect their domestic market by encouraging the use of the economic and the administrative levers of export-import activities regulation.

Ukraine's integration into the EU is complicated by the EU countries’ exploitation of the non-tariff measures which are intended to protect so-called "sensitive" sectors. We have to admit, that Ukraine’s non-tariff barriers are rather a framework.

Purpose of the study is to form a set of scientific and methodological foundations and non-tariff barriers contents of international economic integration. The comparison of existing classifications of the non-tariff measures to identify the dependence of the international economic integration process on non-tariff barriers.

The method (methodology). The methods of synthesis, logic, abstraction and analysis are used in the study.

Results. The basic non-tariff mechanisms of state influence, the main features of their operation and application are described. The main areas of research essence of the concept of "non-tariff barriers” are systematized.The generalization and the classification of the non-tariff barriers, depending on the stage of international economic integration are conducted.

The non-tariff barriers and the stage of international economic integration are compared. As a result it has been constructed a matrix with quadrants in which we have found the point of intersection with the best and the worst case of the integration process of a country.


non-tariff barriers, international economic integration, political and economic barriers, trade barriers, trade war, technical measures, the stage of the integration process

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