Content marketing: problems of finding new techniques for attracting customers

Sofiia Oleksiivna Sapihura


Introduction. The main peculiarity of internet-marketing is proved to be its direct dependence from technological development of information networks and their distribution among people. Thus, its methods and techniques are dynamically changing and modifying in accordance with information, social, and cultural surrounding. So, the marketing events, thar were upgraded a year or two ago, can happen to be ineffective and outdated. From this point of view, content marketing is believed to be under constant methodological consideration, but there appears to be no conceptual analysis of its latest techniques in Ukraine. Furthermore, there is not enough attention to internet advertising methods that need technical, economic, psychological and even social and political factors to be applied for efficient results.

Purpose. The aim of the article is to analyze new techniques of content-marketing that will allow a company to gain leading position on the market without active advertising and selling.

Method (methodology). Analytical method is the methodological basis of the study. Also we have used methods of abstraction and detail. The article deals with the fresh content of marketing techniques for achieving high ranks without selling actively, and for attracting new customers. The article demonstrates prominent examples of implementation of the techniques by leading foreign IT-companies that specialize in programming.

Results. On the ground of leading foreign IT-companies activity, it has been proved that new content of marketing techniques is an effective one. It is offered for IT-specialists and content marketers to combine typical content with “propellant” content, as it is a special type of marketing content for high-speed company’s start. There article proposes a good advice concerning advertising on site content, with a current trend in consumers’ perception of traditional marketing methods being its background. It has been proved that marketing policy aim must provide targeted people with constantly available content, constantly enrich customer database, and analyze it.


content marketing; “propellant content”; advertising; competition; blog; site

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