Effectiveness of tariff policy at the of housing and municipal services enterprises

Antonina Yuriivna Saraniuk


Introduction. Tariff policy is one of the most difficult areas for housing and municipal services, as it has an impact not only on financial and economic state of the branch, but also on the macroeconomic situation in the country as a whole: inefficient spending of budget funds for imported energy payment, especially for natural gas, inability to raise funds from international financial institutions to support financial stability in the country, increased indebtedness of our country and the lack of funds for social programs. Due to imperfect tariff policy one can see dangerous dynamic of continuous deterioration of financial and economic state of housing and municipal services.

Aim. The aim of research is to substantiate theoretical positions and to develop practical recommendations to ensure the efficiency of tariff policy on housing and municipal services of Ukraine in modern conditions.

The method (methodology). During the process of study the following methods have been used: method of synthesis, method of analysis, method of comparison, method of synthesis, method of induction, statistical analysis method.

Results. It has been analysed the basic problem of tariff policy on housing and municipal services. They complicate the implementation of current legislation as for the ensuring with the tariffs of the economically justified cost on production, transportation and supply of utility services. Estimation of efficiency of housing and municipal services is given. The negative consequences of the imperfections of the tariffs formation mechanism for municipal services for both consumers and producers are considered. Recommendations to ensure the efficiency of housing and municipal services were grounded and developed. The proposals for improvement of tariff formation with the aim to bring tariffs to the level of appropriate economically justified costs for their production, transportation and delivery are worked out.


tariff policy; economic efficiency; economically-justified tariff; housing and communal utility services; costs; utilities

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