Analysis the relationship between the management decisions in engineering enterprises and airenterprises which serve them

Tetiana Viktorivna Kuznyetsova, Iryna Oleksiivna Basaraba, Julia Volodymyrivna Zhukova


Management decisions must support a global strategy for sustainable development of the airenterprise as a strategic element of society. The decision should take into account the constant changes parameters of the environment and therefore requires constant management and timely adjustment of the enterprise from the position of top-management. This is achieved through the development and implementation of various decisions on the quality and efficiency of which the performance of airenterprises depends.

With the increase in risk under current conditions of uncertainty theprofessionalism of the leaders becomes very important. Research has shown that the effectiveness of management decisions in partnership enterprises can increase with the increase of the level of risk influence. However, due to the increased level of risk influence level of inertia, balance and harmony of enterprise management systems decreases while the demands for flexibility of related control systems inceases.

Nowadays, in the conditions modern technological-information economy, the patterns of development and making the management decisions at the airenterprisse are closely connected with the prediction which is based on neural networks and 3D-modeling.

Neural networks as adaptive systems for data processing and analysis are of mathematical structure. It can imitate some aspects of the human brain and demonstrate such its features as the ability to informal learning, the ability to generalize and cluste unclassified information, the ability to build their own forecasts. Their main difference from other methods is that neural networks don’t require a previously known model, as they build it themselves just on the basis of provided information. That is why neural networks and 3D-modeling have come to practice wherever it is necessary  to solve the interconnected problems of forecasting, classification and management.

A study has analyzed two closely connected airenterprises: the State Enterprise «Antonov» and the airport «Antonov». It has showed a positive result from consistency, parallelism and sequence of management decisions.


aircraft factory; airport; management decision; neural network; modeling; efficiency

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