The analysis of the debt safety indicators of Ukraine

Kateryna Mykolayivna Yarosh


In the article there have been determined the main indicators of national safety according to the level of public debt, the essence of which consists in the correlation between public debt, expenditures for its repayment and servicing and indices such as: gross domestic product, export of goods and services, national budget income. Expediency of evaluation of debt safety indicators has been showed over time and, consequently, debt indexes for the years 2003-2012 have been analyzed. It has been specified that debt indicators have marginal values the overrun of which gives evidence of the existence of risks of rise of servicing debt problems. In connection with this, international and national practices of determining threshold values of debt safety indicators have been generalized. The actual condition of Ukraine’s debt safety has been evaluated by using the marginal values of these indexes. 


public debt; debt indexes; marginal values; debt safety; financial solvency; debt load

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