The value of the sanative audit in the system of anticrisis management of enterprise

Deniza Vadymivna Dolbnieva


Introduction. Nowadays a number of domestic enterprises has suffered significant effects of the financial crisis of the past years. They are still in dire financial straits which borders on bankruptcy and liquidation. But among them there is the share of enterprises with sufficient capacity and under conditions of the financial recovery they will be able to continue to work normally and recover their ability to pay. So, the application of the system of crisis management will help to avoide bankruptcy and liquidation. The important element of this system can become an curative audit as a prerequisite for release of a significant number of domestic enterprises from the financial crisis.

The purpose of the article is to define and justify the value and direction of the curative audit strengthening, its system of crisis management.

Method (methodology). We have used the following methods for the research: the method of induction and deduction, systematization method, method of comparison and synthesis.

Results. On the basis of the essence, purpose and characteristics of curative audit it has been determined that the value system of crisis management is a powerful one. It fully manifests in the stage of the estimation of financial crisis depth, identification of the causes and symptoms of the financial crisis of the company.

The results of the study can be used as a theoretical basis for training the specialists in accounting and auditing, as well as in the practice of domestic enterprises in the process of reviewing and implementation of curative audit as an integral part of the system of crisis management.

Consequently, the value of curative audit system of crisis management is as the following: with its help it can be determined the list of indicators that enable users to obtain information about the current state of the debtor, long-term prospects of its development, feasibility liquidation or investing in its rehabilitation. So, in the modern business environment every company must consider curative audit system of crisis management properly.


domestic enterprises; curative capacity; curative audit; ant-crisis management system; financial crisis

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