Analysis of the implementation of government borrowing in Ukraine

Ol'ha Mykolayivna Vovk, Al'ona Mykolayivna Mazur


Introduction. The article researches government borrowing over the last 5 years. The dynamics of the public debt to gross domestic product and its impact on the economy are analysed. In modern conditions the use of public debt should continue to ensure sustainable development, as the volume of Public borrowing shows a strong tendency to increase.

Purpose. The main purpose of the article is analyze changes in the dynamics of public debt and their impact on the national debt.

Methodology. In this research we have used such general scientific methods as the method of analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction method, which have been applied in the course of study of the concept of "public borrowing". Methods of analysis and comparison have been used in the course of study of the implementation of public borrowing and directions for their use.

Results. The tendencies in the change of government borrowing are analysed. Their dynamics in the period from 2010 to 2014 is considered. It is carried out a diagnosis of T-bills, which are in circulation for the sum of principal from 2011 to 2015. We have carried out the comparative analysis of indicators of Medium-Term debt management strategy for 2013, 2014 with the actual year. The results of the analysis have shown that planning figures do not coincide the actual ones. We have consider the ratio of government debt to gross domestic product. It has given us a possibility to identify the main areas for further management of borrowing.


government borrowing; state debt; state finance; government securities; T-bills; treasury obligations

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