Theoretical components, management features, market concept development of products of viticulture

Olha Borysivna Kalaman


The main stages of the concept "market" and its modification in certain economic conditions are in the article. The features of the operation and management in the complex modern realities are revealled. The trends and real results of development of "market" as the central concept in public relations are shown. Important components of modern agri-food market are singled out. It has been proved that their adequate and appropriate comparison, and free development opportunities give positive results of the economy activity as a whole. From a historical perspective it has been shown what kind of role should have the correct and comprehensive analysis of the market environment for efficient economy. The modern trends of market management as an important part of every economic system are shown. Current approaches to control the functioning of all the individual elements of the integral and important market mechanism are analysed. The features of a market of viticulture production as part of the overall agro-food markets are defined in the article. It has been found out its place in the overall structure. The results of operation of the entire complex are shown. The problems of effective cooperation of wine market products with other components of the economic transformation are singlrd out. Useful and highly sophisticated mechanisms of the market products of viticulture and the general structure of agriculture market are proposed.


market; agro market; trade; demand; offer; regional market; market structure; components

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