Hotel tariff types and complex nature of hotel services

Yuliia Anatoliivna Manachynska


The essence of the tariff policy of the enterprises of hotel industry is considered. Its impact on the formation of business effectivenessis determined. It is proposed to use asystem of special tariffs. The structure od these tarrifs can include "packet services".It is determined that the rate of tarrif «Packet» (packaged rate) is one of the most promising. It meets almost all the increasing needs of today's customers. It is proved that in the process of formation of hotel tarrif it is necessary to consider the prospective level of profitability of the hotel. This approach should be based on the approach «bottom – up».  The results of the study have shown that the procedure for establishing hotel tarrifs for different types of rooms is one of the key management decisions, which has a significant impact on the ultimate profitability of the hotel industry. Only the application of effective tariff policy will allow owners of hotel complexes to achieve the required level of congestion accommodation facilities. 

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hotel taffif; hotel industry; profitability; pricing policy; pricing

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