Official development assistance: current state and trends

Tetiana Valeriivna Kozhukhova


Changes in the size of official development assistance have been analyzed. Needs for the financing of sustainable development have been studied. Trends have been identified and priority areas for external assistance have been established.

Introduction. Official development assistance is one of the most important sources of external financing for sustainable development. It enables financial and technical cooperation with developing countries.

Objective. The paper's objective is to analyze the current state and identify trends in the official development assistance to developing countries.

Methods. The study uses the methods of economic and statistical as well as comparative analysis (for analyzing the current state of and identifying the trends in official development assistance), the graphical method (for visualizing changes in the size of external assistance), and the abstract and logical method.

Results. The main aspects of official development assistance have been presented. The current state of external assistance has been analyzed. The trends in the provision thereof have been identified. A gap between allocated aid and commitments of donors has been identified, notwithstanding an increase in aid to developing countries. It has been determined that: bilateral aid comprises the largest share in the total volume of aid; the largest volume of aid has been directed to the social sector; countries in Africa south of the Sahara are the main recipients of aid; countries that mostly need financial assistance are the least developed countries and countries with low levels of income. Estimated financing needs for sustainable development have been reviewed. Priority areas have been established for external assistance.

Scientific novelty. Taking into account the identified trend of the lack of financial resources, which necessitates the increase of official development assistance and the fulfillment of commitments made by donor countries, will help identify priority areas for funding sustainable development.

Practical value.  The practical significance of the findings consists in the possibility of using them for determining the overarching priorities in the financing of sustainable development of regions which most need assistance. 


official development assistance; bilateral aid; multilateral aid; sustainability; financing; donors; recipients

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