Evolution of the «investment» concept: current period

Liliana Tarasivna Horal, Svitlana Vasylivna Korol


Introduction. The economists have been interested in the research of investment essence for a long time but each of them interprets this concept due to their own understanding. The analysis of multi category of «investment» allows detailing its nature and offering our own interpretation of investments. All of mentioned above actualizes the importance of systematizing of our knowledge within the investment field while distinguishing some main aspects.

The aim of the study is to identify the economic substance of investments at various stages of economics development and distinguish its basic definition.

Methodology. The study used such methods as historical and logical, which made it possible to analyze the scientific work in the field of investment; comparative which has been applied to distinguish the definitions of investment in terms of in terms of temporary space; graphic, which allowed to interpret the investment theories in its dynamics.

Results. The conclusion has been made about the lack of theoretical studies of the key aspects of investment. According to the our, the inaccuracy in the «investments» definition contributes to a false understanding of their nature, which leads to their identification with the term «capital investment», therefore the definitions of «capital investments» and «investments» concepts have been proposed. The necessity of the study the concept of "investments". The basic investment theory, revealing the importance of this concept, including singled classic and modern. The found out that the scientists who explored the concept of «investments» used the lifelength of their predecessors, that’s why, the development of the classical theories of investment and development of modern investment theories as well as their graphic interpretation have been offer out in structured investment theories. However the theoretical aspects of investment require their further research which involves the appropriateness between theoretical assumptions and practical results.


investments; investment theories; capital investments; investing; investment processes; investment activity

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