Eventology of notions «maintenance» and «service»

Ліліана Тарасівна Гораль, Віра Ігорівна Шийко, Максим Леонідович Бакай


The subject of the article is a processing  development of the concepts “maintenance”, “service”. The theoretical approaches to their definition are considered. The urgency of the topic is explained by the fact that during the formation of an effective competitive market economy, the effective and qualitative functioning of modern economic systems is increasingly determined by the development of the service sector, leaving behind the researchers’  questions of determining the nature of these concepts. It can lead to a lack of concepts unity of enterprise development.

The aim of the article is to find out the dialectical relations between the categories of “maintenance” and “service”, to study eventology, dialectic and the etymology of the term “service production”, to form a clear perception of the fundamentals of economic data and management categories.

The results. The critical analysis of scientific and practical approaches to determining the definitions of “maintenance” and “service” has been done. Their economic nature and content have been defined. The necessity of the concept “service production” application has been determined. The main components of service production have been singled out, which are divided into formal and informal. The role of service production subsystem in the system of industrial production has been defined. The model of the formation of different kinds of service production, based on the basis of synthesis of material and immaterial sphere has been worked out. The process approach has been applied while defining the eventology of the concepts of “maintenance” and “service”, and the algorithm of the development has been made in the context of the production life cycle. Therefore, in the economic definitional space the concepts “maintenance” and “service” should be separated. The concept of “maintenance” should be considered in relation to the production process, as a system that provides efficient domestic production when the services are provided for an external user, or provided by a third-party organization to ensure effective domestic manufacturing activities; this concept objectively takes the form of  “service” which means providing services to an external user on a commercial basis, independent activity.


service production; service; process development; repair; gas transmission companies; the economic system

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