Financial resources management in the system of provision of financial and economic security support

Зоя Федорівна Петряєва, Ганна Анатоліївна Іващенко, Олексій Олександрович Петряєв


Introduction. Economic management in the conditions of an increasingly dynamic market, globalization of the economy, increased competitive activity, worsening of political crisis sets the requirements before the domestic enterprises. One of them is to protect their financial and economic interests. Financial resources management subsystem should be one of the key elements of the system of financial and economic security. It is especially important to optimize the management of financial resources in the system of financial and economic security of construction enterprise. Construction is significantly different from other sectors of the economy, primarily due to the special nature of construction products, methods of organization of the construction process and building production technology features. A balanced policy in financial management in the system of financial and economic resources management is extremely important at the present stage of transformation of Ukrainian economic system.

The purpose. The aim of the article is to improve financial resources management of construction enterprise in the system of its financial and economic security.

Method. In the course of the study we have used such following methods: the normative method (to determine the regulatory limits of financial and economic security of construction companies' share of financial resources), method of horizontal analyses (to compare the adequacy of financial resources),method of vertical analyses (to determine the share of financial resources) and methods of comparative analysis.

Results. It has been carried out the analysis of the adequacy of financial resources to determine the financial and economic security of LLC "Novatorbud" . This analyses has been done in conditions when there was at the same time maximum, average and minimum number of objects. When we have the maximum number of objects that are built by analyzed construction company then the financial resources for the last two years are considered to be not enough. With an average number of objects the financial resources are considered to be not enough for one last analyzed period. At a minimum number of properties that were built simultaneously by «Novatorbud" we have detected the excess of the optimal proportion of the financial resources. The main stages of financial management in the system of financial and economic security of construction enterprise are determined. The main recommendation to improve financial and economic security for small construction companies is to attract private investors to finance the construction through the finance construction fund.


financial and economic security; building enterprise; limit; construction financing funds; financial resources; management; tactics

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